With a 99.999% reliability guarantee, Star2Star is the most complete, dependable, fail-proof, and valuable unified communications solution you can find. The entire system is self-monitoring, extremely flexible and easy to use – while providing all of the advanced features and cost savings you expect from a unified communications solution.

All other IP-based voice solutions are either at the local premise (the PBX) or in the cloud (the hosted approach). There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. Star2Star’s Blended Architecture overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other technologies by delivering the benefits of both on-premise and hosted solutions while resolving their respective problems. Our award-winning solutions unify voice, video, mobile, fax, and presence into a single, easy-to-use system so your business can enhance productivity and collaboration while reducing costs.

How Star2Star
Improves Business Communications

  • Dramatic Savings

    Reduce your phone bill with cost saving features such as line pooling and bursting, cost reducing hardware, and flexible billing and payment options.Star2Star even offers low-cost and leasing options on hardware that minimize up-front costs. Many Star2Star customers see their monthly communications bills drop by up to 50%.

  • Exclusive Features

    Increase productivity and operating efficiency with features only we can deliver, including the StarBox Cloud Connection Manager, StarRecovery, and StarScope. We give users the power to communicate in whatever manner the situation demands, whether a contract needs to be faxed for signatures or a meeting with remote partners needs to be held via videoconferencing.

  • Guaranteed Reliability

    Star2Star monitors every system continuously with our StarWatch technology, allowing us to guarantee 99.999% uptime guarantee.Star2Star continually monitors the Internet and routes transmissions along the path with the least latency, a process known as StarPath. Perhaps most importantly, the StarRecovery suite of disaster recovery protections make it possible for users to stay in touch even if their offices are inaccessible.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    With the highest retention rate in the industry, 99.85%, Star2Star customers are incredibly satisfied! 

  • Blended Architecture

    Star2Star's solutions are designed with a unique blended architecture, allowing our customers to take advantage of the best features of both on-premise and exclusively cloud-based systems.

  • Scalability

    Star2Star offers virtually limitless scalability for distributed enterprises while still remaining cost effective for growing businesses. The StarSystem is designed to scale and link multiple locations together onto a single plan.

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